Treemendous Tree Care LLC

Pruning & Tree Trimming Services

Treemendous Tree Care LLCTreemendous Tree Care LLC offers complete pruning and trimming services. All pruning that we take up is always done spurless. Most tree services use spurs when climbing trees but, using spurs inflicts wounds in the cambium of the tree, which causes damage and can create excess water sprouts resulting in insects and disease. Tree care experts have shown that you should not prune trees with spurs for over 100 years. With the ability to climb spurless, we have the capability of performing aerial rescues.

Ornamental Shaping

We can trim and shape your ornamental trees to make them more pleasing to the eye. Reduce the height of those overgrown arborvitaes and get your ornamental bushes shaped with perfection! Treemendous Tree Care LLC provides tree care services customized to your needs.